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In the MAINTENANCE/REPAIR program, students will be given the opportunity to explore an overview of Auto, Carpentry, Construction and Landscaping Skills. Students will become participants in the M&O (Management & Operation) team at the Huntington campus. An on-campus greenhouse will be available for students to grow vegetation, install irrigation and learn about the "Farm to Table" industry. Students will be exposed to a variety of jobs available in home improvement centers through field trip opportunities.



  • Career & Financial Management
  • Construction and Custodial Skills
  • Carpentry
  • Printing
  • Auto Maintenance Basics
  • Grounds Keeping/Horticulture
  • Woodworking
  • Basic Electronics
  • Green Technology




Samples Illustrated Below of Student Work in this Class Subject



Exploratory Programs offer those students, requiring a more individualized curriculum and structured setting, the opportunity to familiarize themselves with workplace skills. As in all of our programs, students will be provided with instruction and have opportunities to practice workplace skills on a regular basis. Ongoing evaluations will be utilized to assess a student's progress. Transfer into more advanced programs (CTE Skill Programs) is contingent upon the student's progress.

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