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RETAIL/CUSTOMER SERVICE offers students the opportunity to participate in the operations of a school store, located at the Huntington Campus. Students order items, stock shelves, develop displays and market products to the public and school population. All aspects of customer service, inventory, loss prevention, profit and loss management are included in the curriculum. Twice a week, students will be bused to off-site stores where they can apply their skills in a real-world setting.



Retail workers provide goods and services that consumers need and want. They perform tasks which support the operations of a retail establishment. The working environment will vary depending on the size and type of
business as well as its location.


  • Telephone Skills
  • Counting Money/Cashier Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Filling Orders
  • Creating Displays
  • Ordering and Receiving Merchandise
  • Computer Inventory Applications
  • Display Skills
  • Inventory Control
  • Loss Prevention
  • Interpersonal Skills


Samples Illustrated Below of Student Work in this Class Subject

Students learning retailing at Wilson Tech
Wilson Tech offers career training with hands-on classes
Wilson Tech offers career training with hands-on classes


EXPLORATORY PROGRAMS offer students, benefitting from a more individualized curriculum and structured setting, the opportunity to familiarize themselves with workplace skills. As in all of our programs, students have the opportunity to learn and practice their hands-on skills on a daily basis. In addition, exploratory programs offer students the opportunity to work at off-site retail stores and restaurants, job shadow, apply their skills to on-campus projects and go on field trips.

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